Derek Ecker


Tattooing Since 2015

I am an illustrator and tattooist from Detroit, Michigan.

As a graduate of the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, I started out creating art for the gallery and freelance illustration and design work for record labels such as Thrill Jockey and Bloodshot Records, as well as apparel, and skateboard companies.

After doing a series of tattoo themed paintings,I was approached to apprentice at a tattoo shop in Warren, Michigan near where I grew up and was instantly hooked.

Tattooing blends all the major passions in his life art,music and interacting with clients helping them bring their concepts to life.

I am inspired by graffiti, cartoons and pop culture.  I really love taking innocent subjects and giving them a punk filled edge. Think Mickey Mouse with a dagger through his head or Shirley Temple fully tattooed with a broken beer bottle in her hand ready to strike.

As a recent transplant to New York City, I have been greatly inspired by the art and culture of this amazing city and all the madness that comes along with it.

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Address: 1580 McDonald Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11230

Phone: (718) 375-0326

Business Hours: 12pm-9pm

(Closed Tuesdays)