Timur Zakiev


Tattooing Since 2015

I am originally from Russia where I made my first steps in the world of tattooing by practicing fundamental skills out of a small Moscow-based tattoo shop as an apprentice.  I am mostly a self-taught artist when it comes to the style I am currently leaning towards.


I constantly think about the ways of making my tattoo work look like something I would do as fine art. Therefore, since it has always been geared towards black and grey aesthetics, I, having grasped the basics of tattooing and been influenced by the work of Alexander Suvorov, Carlos Torres and Niki Norberg, set out on a journey of finding my own artistic voice and eventually found myself at Tattoo Wonderland, Brooklyn, New York. It is where I started shaping myself as a tattoo artist taking a particular interest in black and grey realism.

Apart from tattooing and making art in general I do not really have any hobbies. Music plays a huge role in my life, though myself I do not play any musical instruments. I predominantly listen to rock in its wide variety, but would often opt for more of a classical focus while tattooing.

When I am not tattooing I can be found either honing my artistic skills by experimenting with different media or riding my motorcycle.



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